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  • Professional ServiceS

    We use unionized professional installers. Quality of materials and workmanship is our guarantee.

    Whether we use paper or fibreglass tape we always leave the job with a smooth finish ready for paint.

    Spray foam insulation will save you money and time by keeping your home and or office at an even temperature at all times of the year.

    Glass, wood, moveable, and modular we do it all. Demountable partitions are a cost-effective way of configuring your office space to suit your needs as they change.

    Glass, wood, moveable, and modular we do it all. Demountable partitions are a cost-effective way of configuring your office space to suit your needs as they change.

    Although metal stud framing is most people's first choice, wood is still a viable option. However, polymer studs are environmentally friendly and won't rot or rust.  

    Soundproof acoustic ceiling tiles are used in both commercial and residential applications. Generally installed with a hanging ceiling grid but can be mounted directly to the ceiling.

    Glass, wood, moveable, and modular we do it all. Demountable partitions are a cost-effective way of configuring your office space to suit your needs as they change.

  • The Smartchoice


    With over ten years of experience in the industry, Smartchoice Finishes hires the best talent in the GTA. Certified professionals who pride themselves on their quality of work.


    We charge a fair price for our work but never markup our raw materials to take advantage of our clients. we adhere to industry standards when quoting our work.

    Quality Materials

    Using only the best quality materials in all that we do. Using only top national brands that are industry leaders on each category.

    Expedited Service

    It is always important for us to complete a job on time and on budget. We always have a scope of work when we start a new project so that everyone is clear of their expectations.


    Our staff is well trained and certified in their respective disciplines, and hold themselves to the highest standards possible.


    After the completion of every job we always followup with the client to ensure satisfaction and to correct any imperfections.

  • From Start To Finish


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    Our contact number is 905 454-2291, you can also get us via email at info@smartchoicefinishes.ca. Together we will schedule a site visit to start the quote process.


    Site Visit

    Before we can begin the quote process, we generally do a site visit to ensure accuracy when quoting on any job. If a site visit is not feasible, we will quote to the best of our ability knowing that an adjustment is possible.



    When quoting an estimate, it is essential for the client to understand that an estimate is an approximation given the information we had at the time of quoting.



    We get to work and do the job required finishing on schedule and within budget.


    Tell all your friends

    We appreciate your thanks, but the best way you can thank us is by referrals to your friends, family and colleagues.

  • Testimonials

    Thank you Jamar and team!! Ever since you installed the spray foam in the basement last summer our heating bill has gone down. Last winter our gas bill was over $200 a month and now we are less than $70. I can’t believe the difference new insulation makes.

    - Leslie, Toronto

    Excellent service from start to finish, the entire process was so smooth, and the guys were so polite whenever they were here. The price was, and so we took the chance with the new renovations of our basement and got Smartchoice to do the drywall work, and we are so happy with the results.

    - Frank, Oakville

    I’m a commercial contractor and rely on the best trades I can find. Smartchoice came recommended to us, and I can’t say enough good things about the group. They were professional, fast and gave us an excellent price for the spray foam and T-Bar ceilings that the customer wanted. Thanks, guys!

    -Mike, Toronto

    As a developer, you must have the right trades for the development and Smartchoice has always been my go-to framers and drywall installers. Their crew is always on time and budget. If you are contractor, call these guys for a quote.

    - John, Mississauga

    I’ve in this business for over 30 years, so when we started building custom homes we partnered with Smartchoice Finishes to be our drywall and insulation installers, we knew we made the right choice. It is great to have one company do all the walls.

    - Raj, Brampton

    Mom had just turned 65 and finally retired to join Dad, so as a present to both of them we decided to renovate the old house. At first, I didn’t know who did the walls, so when I asked the contractor, I found out it was Smartchoice. I called them top to thank them, and to my surprise, they were so awesome. I asked so many questions about the work they did, and now I’m going to hire them later this year to do my basement when the time comes. Sorry for rambling on here but my parents are so happy with the renovations which makes me happy too. Ok, bye for now.

    - Mary, Hamilton

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